All of the free CSS templates on this website are released and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. They are completely free and royalty-free to use for any personal or commercial purpose, so long as you visibly credit us somewhere on the site using the template (eg. a credits page).

For more information about the CCA 3.0 license, please click the button below:

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Removing the Credit

If you'd like to get out of the crediting obligation (and there are definitely times when this might be needed), click the button below to PayPal us a small tip of $5 or more (per template, per use):

Be sure to mention which template you're using and if possible where it's being used. After that, just hang on to the PayPal receipt (as proof) and you're all set! Oh, and you'll have our eternal thanks for the support — it's much appreciated :)


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