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Ways to Avoid Bad SEO Resellers

Ways to Avoid Bad SEO Resellers

White label SEO is quickly becoming more and more popular among businesses and online platforms. However, not all service providers are the same, with some being better than others.

Here are 3 ways to avoid hiring a bad SEO reseller agency.

1. Check Online Reviews

Checking on past work is one of the best indicators of whether you should hire a company or not. In the past, this was done by asking for a portfolio or reference from previous clients. Now, looking up a white label SEO reseller’s track records can be as easy as researching them online.

Bad reviews usually mean looking for another firm. You should also read up on specifics, such as the good points of an SEO reseller and the industry or niche they helped. Testimonials and case studies are also worth looking up before you sign an agreement with an SEO reseller.

2. Dodgy and Inconsistent Communication

Smooth communication between business partners and clients is more important than you’d think. Imagine having to work with a person who doesn’t communicate or follow your instructions. After the contract is up, it isn’t likely that you would want to renew their services.

You can gauge a white label SEO firm’s communication skills and quality the first time you and a representative discuss things in person or via video conference. Do they convey their thoughts well and respond in a timely manner? If they do, you can expect the same once they’re working for you.

3. Unrealistic Promises

Last but not the least, you should avoid signing SEO resellers that offer deals that are too good to be true. For instance, it’s likely impossible that you can achieve a good search ranking on a particular keyword in a week or get more than a million visitors in a couple of days.

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